Basque Vuelta

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7 days with 5 days cycling

Total distance: 420miles/680km route

Total elevation of climbing: 12,800m of climbing

The Basque country is a very unique place in Spain where the language is their own, unlike any other, and the culture is strong. This trip takes you into almost every area of the  basque region, starting and finishing in the two large coastal cities, San Sebastian and Bilbao. Along with tasting the local pinchos found in every bar, you will cycle through hundreds of villages and see incredible landscapes. As like much of Spain, the basque country offers a huge variety of mountains to climb and descend. Cycling on fantastic roads with little traffic, you will find yourself amazed by this northern part of Spain. On route we will ride pass both the Spiuk and Orbea head offices, giving you a clearer idea to why this is such a prime cycling location. The presence of water is delightful in the basque country, with many rivers, waterfalls and of course the sea, all of which you will hopefully not just look at, but also cool off in too! If you are looking for some excellent cycling conditions this summer then you will have found one of Spains top locations.


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