Aracena Hills Andalusia

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7 days with 5 days cycling

Total distance: 250miles/400km route

Total elevation of climbing: 7391m of climbing 

 Welcome to Aracena Hills, west of Seville in the province of Huelva, where our routes wind amongst the huge oak forest bearing acorns to feed the Iberian pig. This part of Spain is famous for two things, one, are the beautiful natural surroundings and the other, the Iberian ham. Vegetarians, do not be put off, as Aracena is known for the wide range of wild mushrooms, sheep cheese and incredible wild nutritional plants.

Our centre based trip is designed to be comfortable and not too challenging, hence 'Aracena hills' and you will be astounded by the history in the area and its beauty. Aracena has an absolutely extraordinary 'cave of the wonders', which we will visit, together with an ancient mosque and fortress. Spectacular monuments aside, the cycling is second to none and the routes planned take you all over the area. Roads are quiet and smooth and the scenery is stunning. One thing in mind, Aracena sits at 675m above sea level, so there are the occasional hills to climb, which are short and sweet. Together with the beautiful natural house where we stay for the week and the care and attention from our team, we guarantee you a wonderful journey, to a place in Andalucia that will astound you and leave you feeling absolutely great!


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