When is the best time to go cycling in Spain?

When is the best time to go cycling in Spain?

So here it is in a nutshell! Let's fine it down to seasons. For north hemisphere winters the majority of Spain is cold. The coastal areas and lower ground in the southern Spain are slightly warmer but the closer you are to the coast the smaller the mountains and if you do venture up into them be sure to wrap up warm. Temperatures at 1000m can drop as much as 2 degrees in the south. Sometimes the eastern regions of Spain are milder but are susceptible to heavy rain which at high altitude can turn into sleet or snow. My best bet for cycling is Tenerife. There the year round temperature is around 20 degrees which is perfect for cycling.

Spring time in Spain is great and the best time to head anywhere. However, the northern regions which have double the height of mountains can still be enjoying snow. I recommend Andalusia in spring which is absolutely beautiful. Other regions which are also great are the Alicante and Valencian which by spring have passed the heavy rain fall and Mediterranean storms. This area can get flooding during the winter months. The centre of Spain is also a cracker of a region. Again in winter as the region is high it can be cold but as soon as spring comes the weather settles and natural parks bloom in every colour of green.

Girona you can be sure of from spring aswell although a little later in May or early June is the optimal time to be there cycling. 

In the summer avoid the south, east and central regions. By the time mid June sets in the summer heat dosnt stop and you have to go north. In the north of Spain the summers are gorgeous and similar to an Andalusian late spring. As the mountains in the north are a lot higher than in the south the heat never gets to high. Anywhere in the north is perfect for cycling. Especially as the rivers are swimmable unlike May and June where the water is still cold from the melting snow.

Autumn find yourself looking for the lower sun in Andalusia which is warm until December on a good year. November may bring rain but its not cold. 

Now you understand why the BikingSpain trips are placed specifically at the dates listed! Happy cycling.

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